12 May 2015

How to Get Rid of Moths - a tried and tested guide to getting rid of the little mites.

 Olivia Palermo's Wardrobe.

This post may be slightly unglamorous but it is relevant to all. With the warmer weather starting to dawn on us, moths are out and about and overnight can munch their way through a whole wardrobe of clothes. A lot of people think that moths are just a problem in the countryside. Very wrong. I have witnessed, and heard of many who live in London who are experiencing issues with the fluttering pests. 

Apparently 2014 was recorded one of the worst years for moth invasions. For us 2015 has been no better, in fact worse by far. Ok, so we are in the wool trade and have a lot of wool blankets (of course), coats, jackets and jumpers but it seems the pests are also devouring cotton, silk and VERY ANNOYINGLY cashmere. (they can get their way through carpet too)

The tipping point came when I opened the wardrobe last week to find my floor length Jaeger coat chewed to bits along with some very much loved jumpers. Having just seen the odd moth flying around, they were now everywhere. Something drastic had to be done - We are now way beyond the stage of faffing around with lavender cushions, putting jumpers in freezers (or the microwave has also been suggested?!) and vacuum packing absolutely everything. We have gone hardcore on the situation without having to get the pest control in.

A fair amount of Google'ing' landed us on www.pest-stop.co.uk where all products with 'moth' in the title were added to checkout. Two days later it felt like Christmas. A mammoth box of liquids, smoke bombs and heavy duty wardrobe hangers arrived. Being good I read all the instructions word by word (I never read instructions) as some of the products are pretty toxic.

I'm not going to lie it's been a mission of a job -

Firstly all clothes have to be hung up on individual hangers. A washing line was constructed in the infested room. As well as the washing line, every nook and cranny of furniture was used as a prop to hang garments. Please see very unglam photo below...


Once everything is hung up and you are ready to set off the smoke bombs, make sure you can vacate the house for 2 hours. It really smells bad and it is toxic. Make sure all pets are out too.

I put the 'bombs' in bowls just in case for any reason they fell over (not they are likely to). You then light them with matches. See picture below (again, sorry for the quality of this one)...


Light and Run - REMEMBER TO CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND YOU. (we also closed the curtains as moths have had a go at these too.)

A thick cloud of smoke is released which eventually circles the room and its way around the individual clothes killing all moths and larvae.

Once everything is settled, all dead moths can be vacuumed up, clothes put away and the moth repellent hangers can be hung with the clothes as a long term, preventive measure.

Although this is all quite a bit of effort, it is worth it. If you decide to do anything like this please always read all instructions and consult the manufacturer for guidance. This is a non-comprehensive guide. 

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